Here’s how to decode The Evergrey’s event calendar

In every Monday newsletter, The Evergrey reporting team brings you a round up of a ton of the awesome stuff to do around the city that week. (Not yet getting The Evergrey? Subscribe here!)

We love rounding rad events to help you meet your neighbors, join interesting conversations, decompress from your week, have an excuse to Insta your food pics, and find something fun to do with your fam.

So to help you scan for the kinds of events you most like, we use a little emoji code to sort them out. Here’s a quick guide on how to make the most of our events, below.

  • 💡: Consider new ideas
  • 💪: Learn a new skill
  • 🗣: Hear from your neighbors
  • 👋: Meet your neighbors
  • 🎈: Take the kids
  • 🎶, 🎟, 🍿, 🎨, 🍴, 🍸, ⚽️, 💃: Enjoy music, live performance, film and TV, art, food, drink, sports, and dance, respectively

Think there’s something that needs its own special category? Shoot us an email at [email protected]. Here’s the calendar from the week of October 22, so you can see the code in action.