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‘You are one of the best memories of my life’ 🍞

Gonna dip to the mid-30s this morning. Brrr.


On Monday, we asked you to join an open conversation about personal struggles during the holidays. One thing we know a lot of us struggle with: the cold.

We can’t change the weather ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but we can recommend some toasty warm places to visit to forget the forecast. See ‘em on a map here.

Want to warm up?

— Wander through Volunteer Park Conservatory’s balmy cactus and fern rooms
— Walk your kiddos through Pacific Science Center’s tropical butterfly house
— Get sweaty at one of these hot yoga classes
— Steam in a sauna at Belltown’s Banya 5 spa

Want to hang out next to a toasty fireplace?

– Bundle up with a beer and blankets at Beacon Hill’s Perihelion Brewery
– Eat pizza slices bigger than your head at Talarico’s Pizzeria in West Seattle
– Sip drinks during happy hour inside Hotel Sorrento’s Fireside Room
– Order a hot toddy at Maple Bar in Maple Leaf
– Daydream to piano music at Canlis in Queen Anne
– Read a book inside the University of Washington’s PACCAR Hall and Husky Union Building

Thanks to everyone who shared their hot spots. Where do you go to stay warm in these dreary months? Hit reply to let us know. And if you check one of these out, be sure to tag #theevergrey in your pics. 😉

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‘You are one of the best memories of my life.’ People who love Bakeman’s Restaurant really love it. It’s been serving sandwiches in Pioneer Square since 1970 and columnist Knute Berger calls it part of Seattle’s soul. “Just went there today and was happy to see the sandwich line workers were as feisty as ever,” reader Steve Kaiser wrote us this week. Check it out before it closes for good Dec. 22. (Facebook)

Um, this doesn’t do anything. If you’ve ever thought that hitting a pedestrian push-to-walk button at a local crosswalk didn’t do squat, you might be right. Or not. Here’s the thing: Most of our crosswalk signals run on a timed schedule, but some have a snazzy new adaptive system that actually cares if you push a button. And guess what? There’s no way to tell the difference. (The Seattle Times)

Send a card to Tom the Guessing Doorman. Want a pick-me-up today? Read about Tom Goessman. He was everybody’s favorite doorman at the South Seattle Costco, and could guess how much you’d just spent with just one look at your shopping cart. Tom just moved to Glendale, Arizona after 23 years of charming local Costco shoppers so much, they stood in longer lines to see him. “He is somebody people want in their lives,” his manager said. You a fan? Send him a postcard at 17550 N. 79th Ave., Glendale, AZ 85308. (The Seattle Times)

We like these places, huh? Lyft is out with its list of local spots where its drivers keep dropping us off. Art Marble in South Lake Union is our most visited restaurant, Fremont Brewing is our most visited bar, Safeco Field is our most visited venue, and — you tourists are so predictable — Pike Place Market is the destination to rule them all. (Lyft)

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Reader Tricia Cervenan snagged her tickets early to see Hillary Clinton at the Paramount Monday night. It was a very sold out crowd, and Hillary had plenty to say about last year’s presidential campaign, the election, and everything after.

“My favorite thing she said was that if you practice kindness, you will probably be disappointed often (by others/society/etc),” Tricia wrote us. “But do it anyway. The world needs you. Oh, and vote in your midterm elections!”

Thanks for the dispatch, Tricia. Here’s more on the event — part of Hillary’s big book tour — from Seattle’s longtime political columnist, Joel Connelly.

Doing something interesting around town? Tell us about it! Hit reply or email us at [email protected]

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❄️  Take the kids to a multicultural winter fest (Queen Anne)
🕎  Learn to make latkes for Hanukkah (Downtown)


🤓  Make new friends in an ugly sweater (Queen Anne)
🎼  Hear the Amazon Symphony Orchestra (Downtown)
😚  Watch some caroling in drag (Capitol Hill)
🕯  See a giant Menorah lighting (Downtown)


🎶  Catch a tribute to Mary J. Blige (Central District)
🏙  Look back at the year in Seattle (Downtown)


🎨  Buy local art for under $100 (SoDo)
🛍  Shop at this pop-up mercado (Beacon Hill)
😆  Dance it off with KEXP (Fremont)
🇺🇸  Bond over our civic purpose (Pioneer Square)
🍻  Meet singles who are new in town (Bellevue)


🌳  Gaze at bonsai trees by candlelight (Federal Way)
⛄️  Check out some ice sculptures (Queen Anne)

Going to one of these?

Send us a pic! See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.


Alligators have been spotted in Fremont. Plastic ones. And they’re wearing Santa hats. You’ve been warned.

Have a good one. — The Evergrey

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