😬 Hey Seattle: How much money do you make?

😬 Hey Seattle: How much money do you make?

Talking about money's not the most comfortable subject — but some of your neighbors were up for the challenge. Click the GIF to check out our latest video about opening up about our wealth. ⤴️
(📹: Eric Keto, Haley Weaver)

💪  “If you subscribe to the idea that money is power, then financial feminism is about putting money in the hands of women. … Talk about how much money you make with other people in your industry.” Nikki Barron

🤐  “There is very serious stigma to talking about your circumstances. …You’re not supposed to admit that you’re kinda worried about your circumstances and you might need help.” — Cirrus Kain

» Check out the video — the second in our series — and tell us in the comments whether you talk with your friends about how much you make.

Shout out to Nikki, Cirrus, Lakesha, Julian, Antoinette, and Nick for being open to participating in this video conversation. Stay tuned for another video in the next couple weeks.



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💪  Get those creative juices flowing at this yoga class for writers (Capitol Hill)
💡  Learn about Seattle’s labor strike history… (University District)
💡  …Then mark the 100th anniversary of local labor movements (University District)
🛍  Peruse gifts made by Northwest makers — through Feb. 5 (Downtown)

💡  Hear how women can break through barriers in STEM (Queen Anne) — thanks for the rec, Giuliana Isaksen!
🤓  Dress like Ron Weasley at this “Harry Potter” trivia competition (Capitol Hill)
💪  Learn how to fight impostor syndrome from the pros (South Lake Union)
🎈  Show the kids how the North Cascades National Park came to be (Columbia City)
🍹  Make rum cocktails at this Evergrey partner event (South Lake Union)

🎈  Frolic through rooms of plants, for free — through Feb. 28 (Capitol Hill)
💡  Hear from local marriage and relationship experts John and Julie Gottman (Capitol Hill)
💪  Learn how to grow and protect your business at this Evergrey partner event (Pioneer Square)

🗣  Listen to your neighbors’ tales of delusion at this Moth StorySLAM (Fremont)
🎶  Dance it out to world rhythm with Cape Verde artist Tcheka (Columbia City) — Thanks for the rec, Tammy Leland!
🎈  Intro your fam to different cultures and meet international students (University District)

🎟  Catch a stage performance about Frederick Douglass’ legacy — through Feb. 10 (Central District)
🍺  Sample craft beers from around Seattle at Pacific Science Center (Queen Anne)
🎟  Get dazzled at this burlesque, drag, and dance spectacular — through Feb. 14 (Downtown)
🎶  Hear the Marines’ best jazz musicians at Ballard High (Ballard)

🎈  Help break a Guinness World Record at this icy polar plunge with Special Olympics Washington (West Seattle) — Thanks for the rec, Samantha Thompson!
🎈  Bring the fam to ring in the Year of the Pig at this Lunar New Year festival (International District)
💪  Support young women leaders at Skate Like A Girl’s gala (South Lake Union) — Thanks for the rec, Molly Magnifico!
🍴  Nibble on all things cheesy at this chef showdown with Beecher’s (Belltown)
🍴  Munch on food truck grub, beachside (West Seattle)


🎶  Hear local musicians riff off each other at this improvised music festival (Greenwood)
🍷  Take a road trip to nom on chocolate and sip wintry wines — through Feb. 17 (Whidbey Island)

Going to one of these? Take us with you! Email a pic to [email protected] or tag #theevergrey on Instagram. Learn what our emojis mean hereIs an event sold out? Hit reply to let us know and we’ll update the listing in tomorrow’s newsletter.


Evergrey cofounder Mónica Guzmán and reporter Ana Sofia Knauf did this weekend — along with tens of thousands of you — at Step Forward, an event series helping us all bid farewell to this weirdly beloved chunk of Highway 99. 🛣

Moni ran her (first ever!) 8K across the viaduct and through the new tunnel, while Ana Sofia took her final photos of Puget Sound from the highway and shuffled through South Lake Union to the tunnel. They chronicled all of it over on our Instagram feed, and you can check out the highlights here and here.

And speaking of South Lake Union, we’re gathering your questions all about the neighborhood’s history and culture for an upcoming spotlight. Be sure to drop your burning Qs into this form by 12 p.m. today. 👍

Make it a great week, Seattle. — The Evergrey

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