Have a drink with The Pastry Project

We spoke with Emily and Heather from The Pastry Project in an IG Live which you can watch here.

Emily and Heather met while working at Molly Moon’s and together they created The Pastry Project — a 14-week training program offered to folks who face barriers to education and employment in the industry. The completely free program is funded through donations, subscriptions, classes, and events they put on. Follow them on Instagram @thepastryproject_.

Tell us briefly what you do.

Emily (Cofounder and Community Impact Director of The Pastry Project): Heather and I both do so many roles right now, and work together on most things, but I work to form and maintain our community partnerships. This includes our hiring partners, our recruitment partners, or marketing, pop-up, and collaboration partners. I work with our giving partnerships and I run our social media. I work with Heather to come up with fun new Pastry Kit ideas, new bun flavors and what classes would be fun to teach!

Heather (Cofounder and Culinary Director of The Pastry Project): I develop all of the recipes at The Pastry Project, from student recipes, to Pastry Kits, to pop-up products. I also teach all of our public and corporate classes. I teach the students in our free training program. I also do all of our ingredients and packaging ordering. Emily and I work to decide what kinds of pop-ups we’re going to do, what our next Pastry Kits will be, and what collaborations we think would be fun!

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Both of our favorite parts right now is that we get to be involved in every aspect of the business! We get to decide what we want to do, what we want to create, and how we want to give back to our community. We constantly ask ourselves, is this fun? Do we want to do this? Is this something that’s needed?

What’s your favorite hidden gem in Seattle?

We can’t wait to go back to Bush Garden for a drink and karaoke!

Where are two places you’d take an out-of-town guest?

We love Musang, both for the food and for all of the things they do in the community! We also love Kedai Makan, and anywhere in the International District.

If you were to give a piece of advice to a newcomer to Seattle, what would it be?

Take time to explore Seattle neighborhoods – they’re all so different and unique! Chances are the places you’ll come to love most will not be in your backyard! Find some Seattleite foodies or explorers to follow on Instagram for ideas of what to do and where to go!

If you could change anything about Seattle, what would it be?

On a serious note, if we could change anything, we’d reduce the wealth disparity between the richest individuals and the poorest in the city and provide all the resources necessary for everyone to have housing and healthcare.

On a fun and foodie note – we’d love more street food and street vendors!

Who or what are 5 Seattle people or organizations more people should know about?

Ujamaa Food Circle and Seattle BIPOC Organic 

Spice Bridge

Casa Latina

Intentionalist and Laura Clise

Michaela Ayers and Nourish

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