Seattleisms: The Eastside

This week, we present to you another installment of “Seattleisms,” where we help newcomers with the local lingo. Last time we straightened out that it is “Pike Place Market” and NOT “Pike’s Place.” Today we’re giving you an explanation of what “the Eastside” is.

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What is it? A region that is east of Lake Washington, connected by the 520 Bridge. If you’re going to “the Eastside” you’re likely headed to Bellevue, Redmond, or Kirkland. Many people who are from these cities will tell people “they’re from Seattle” — this is incorrect. But in the context of being with people who are completely unfamiliar with the area / Washington then it is an acceptable answer; a more correct answer would be “I’m from a suburb of Seattle.”

Known for: Most of the big tech companies have offices on the Eastside like Microsoft, Expedia, and REI. Newer additions to the area are Facebook, Amazon, and Google who opened offices in the past few years.

The Eastside is also known for its plethora of places to get Asian food. Thanks to the fact there are so many tech companies in the area that employ a number of folks who come over from India to work, you can easily get quality Indian food. And not just your typical Chicken Tikka Masala — they’ve got places serving regional dishes like idli and dosa. Many chain restaurants with roots overseas like Din Tai Fung, first opened up outposts on the Eastside before expanding to Seattle.

TL;DR: Head to the Eastside if you’re looking for any sort of quality Asian food.

Fun fact: The 520 Bridge is the longest float bridge in the world coming in at 7,710 feet long.

Usage: “Want to go to the Eastside and do some shopping at Crossroads?”

“Yeah and then we can hit up Boiling Point for lunch.”